August 27, 2012

The cheese omelet: cravings extinguisher

Another mental barrier falls.

Now, when I think "pastry," I make my goat cheese omelet with jam. When I would like a classic New York bagel with cream cheese and lox from my favorite local breakfast spot, I have it as an omelet, instead. And the Deep Dish Pizza Quiche is a variation that can be dressed like pizza. (I enjoy it with sliced mushrooms in the base.)

make our own to control the sugar content
It all started with me exploring our local farmer's markets. I successfully avoided the artisan breads, but the jam aisle was far more tempting. When I reached the lady who used local fruits and 75% less sugar, I got some in my favorite flavors; blackberry, peach, and strawberry/rhubarb.

It's also a great place to get goat cheese; and I did. Once upon a time, I would have enjoyed this combination on crackers. But even gluten-free crackers have too many carbs for best results.

So I activated my latest trick: Will this work with eggs?

And the answer came back: Why not?

The flavors of the jam are so wonderfully fruity and intense a single spoonful can be spread over a 2 egg omelet, and still satisfy me. As they say in the British Isles: it works a treat. And I mean that! The beauty of low carb eating is that we can have "treats" every day... and still lose weight.

We simply have to redefine our definition of what a treat, is.

August 5, 2012

I am a fat burning engine.

I'm on my third week of a new Intermittent Fasting milestone: 24 hours without food. I've gone as long as three days, eating only a big lunch every day. And... loving it!

I finally got my hip problem straightened out. This lets me be able to go for actual walks, and now, hiking. I find it much easier to spend a few hours climbing up and down mountains and walking through the woods than getting to the gym every day; and this activity is much more enjoyable. But to compress a week's worth of "gym time" into a day or two a week means using our friends intensity and stamina.

Our original engine burns fat
I think it was the hiking that got me this "higher gear."

Because I discovered that I could have a big breakfast, go hiking and deliver boxes and jump out of my car every fifteen minutes to take pictures and put in a ten hour day and then eat dinner; without being hungry.

My body was getting fuel from my fat. And I still have some.

Let me be clear: I wasn't eating because I wasn't hungry. I wasn't worried about not being hungry because of the benefits of taking long breaks between meals; known as Intermittent Fasting. Once we become keto-adapted, we aren't dependent on the glucose our liver and muscles can store.

We run off our fat.

If we have extra; this is how we most easily burn it. We engage our alternate energy system; the ketone based, fat burning, "original engine" that is considered to be the way our early ancestors managed.

It is so easy for us to obtain cheap, high carb, processed foods we forget how all those three things fit together. Living as hunter/gatherers could not be the same as our own existence which encourages and supports constant snacking.

When I was eating high carb and low fat, I ate every two hours. I was driven almost crazy with the constant hunger. I was tired of eating but the hunger drove me on.

Now, eating low carb and free of roller coaster blood sugars, I am also free to take on all kinds of activity, even sitting at my computer, for hours and hours, without having to stop and cram something else into my mouth to shut off all the alarms my body is ringing.

I can only see that as a marvelous thing.