January 11, 2014

Adrenal Fatigue, Part II: The Big Guns

As previously discussed in my first post on Adrenal Fatigue, I have been struggling with utter exhaustion since the fall of 2011. While steps like ditching coffee, upping various supplements, and improving my sleep all seemed to help, they didn't help enough.

Add in a highly stressful 2013, and the progress I made was not only wiped out, it actually regressed. I needed to bring in the big guns.

Adding supplemental vitamin C in capsules had helped. Supposedly, adrenals use more C, cell for cell, than any other organs in the body. But further research turned up some highly interesting facts.

The famous final scene of White Heat
  • That most of what we take, that way, is wasted through the digestive system.
  • That attempting to increase our volume to compensate often leads to digestive issues.
  • That the RDA of Vitamin C was created to ward off scurvy, not as the optimal dose.
  • That the human body is one of the few which does not make their own Vitamin C, and so we are prone to shortages.
  • That stress, either physical or mental, burns up Vitamin C like a muscle car sucks up gasoline.

I liked thinking of my problem in terms of a gas tank. I had been dealing with chronic stress for so long that even when I was able to reduce the stress, I had drawn on too much of my reserves.

Each incident of illness and family crisis drained the tank further, while my attempts to fill it were not enough. Fortunately, this same research turned up a far better way to increase one's update of Vitamin C. Lipsomal C combines Vitamin C and lecithin.

Why? Because combining these two ingredients create tiny "packages" which bypass the waste of going through the digestive system. When taken this way, it goes directly into the liver, which sends it where it is needed most.

I've been taking it for less than a week, one packet a day, and I can already report fantastically refreshing sleep. Stay tuned!

Liposomal C is available on Amazon, iHerb (with $5 off your first order,) or you can make it yourself!