November 7, 2011

So what the heck do I eat?

It's inevitable. People find out I eat low-carb and gluten-free, and after they've gotten their eyes back in their sockets, they exclaim, "What the heck do you eat?"

Not found in nature.
When the answer is really simple. I eat food.

I eat food direct from nature; un-manufactured and un-messed with. Turns out, this one simple rule covers a multitude of problems.

If my response to their question is, "I only eat un-processed foods," that sounds really good, doesn't it? And it is!

We are so used to eating foods that someone else plops in front of us, we have stopped figuring out where they come from and how they got this way.

If there's one hallmark of our modern, carb-laden, industrially produced diet... it's that word, processed. We're not talking about cooking; before it even reaches that stage, it's been ground up and chemicalized and emulsified and extruded. Then it's concocted with other stuff that is food; but food that is concentrated wildly far from our body's expectations.

Seed oils were sold to us as "healthy" alternatives to animal fats. Yet they have a wildly unbalanced Omega 3/6 ratio, which in turn promotes inflammation in our bodies. We do eat seeds, just as we do eat corn. But modern industrial processing extracts and concentrates these substances to levels our body never expects. Then, our body reacts badly to what amounts to an "overdose."

I eat meat and non-starchy vegetables like lettuce and broccoli and spinach. I eat eggs and cheese and heavy cream. I eat nuts and fruit in its original form. I eat butter and coconut oil and bacon.

These foods can be cooked or ground up or expressed for me. I don't extract my own coconut oil or grind my own almonds for nut flours. The people I get them from aren't doing anything weird with them. They are just doing the heavy lifting and putting it in packages. This is something I could do myself, if I had the equipment.

So my favorite response to the question, "What do I eat?" is the truth: real food.

How can there be anything wrong with that?

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