August 27, 2012

The cheese omelet: cravings extinguisher

Another mental barrier falls.

Now, when I think "pastry," I make my goat cheese omelet with jam. When I would like a classic New York bagel with cream cheese and lox from my favorite local breakfast spot, I have it as an omelet, instead. And the Deep Dish Pizza Quiche is a variation that can be dressed like pizza. (I enjoy it with sliced mushrooms in the base.)

make our own to control the sugar content
It all started with me exploring our local farmer's markets. I successfully avoided the artisan breads, but the jam aisle was far more tempting. When I reached the lady who used local fruits and 75% less sugar, I got some in my favorite flavors; blackberry, peach, and strawberry/rhubarb.

It's also a great place to get goat cheese; and I did. Once upon a time, I would have enjoyed this combination on crackers. But even gluten-free crackers have too many carbs for best results.

So I activated my latest trick: Will this work with eggs?

And the answer came back: Why not?

The flavors of the jam are so wonderfully fruity and intense a single spoonful can be spread over a 2 egg omelet, and still satisfy me. As they say in the British Isles: it works a treat. And I mean that! The beauty of low carb eating is that we can have "treats" every day... and still lose weight.

We simply have to redefine our definition of what a treat, is.

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