October 3, 2011

But those are my favorite things!

I know that people regard my suggestion to eliminate wheat and sugar as an extreme one.
But we also know where moderation has gotten us.

Wheat and sugar have powerful effects on the body and the brain.

Our systems clamor for these foods because they have a short-term soothing effect.

Our metabolism reacts badly to these foods because they stress our energy pathways.

No good comes of this.

This is why it is so difficult to "cut down" on our favorite treats. The more we restrict them, the more we think about them. To imagine life without them, we envision ourselves unable to escape from the torment of wanting them.

But the opposite happens. The more we stay away from wheat and sugar, the less we want them.

Wheat contains exorphins and sugar raises serotonin; these are feel-good brain chemicals. It would be ridiculous to think we wouldn't reach for anything that soothes us so well in times of stress.

We knew these weren't health foods. Why wasn't our willpower strong enough?

Because willpower, like our muscles, are good for only so many "reps" and then it runs out of steam and stops. So we can't rely on our conscious brain continually over-riding urgent messages from our metabolic cellular structure.

We have to base our new eating system on a new eating system. Because few can eat artificially for long, and no one thrives on it.

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  1. Thanks for wandering by the Wheat-Free Wanderer. Your blog speaks to us clearly and elegantly. We'll be back via RSS.