September 30, 2011

The wrong tools

We are all familiar with the concept of how wrong it is to try to use a screwdriver like a hammer, or vice versa.

Yet we might not have fully grasped how the concept of eat these foods, only less of them is just as dysfunctional as trying to hammer with a screwdriver.

There are certain foods which act chemically on the body to make us fat. If we eat less of them, we will be less fat.

And yes; if we eat none of them, we will not be fat.

The two main culprits in creating overweight are wheat and sugar.

When combined they increase each other's bad qualities. When they constantly drive our blood sugar up, this tells the pancreas to release enough insulin to compensate for the tidal wave of sugar (wheat flour raises blood sugar faster than a Snickers bar) that is heading its way.

Insulin is the hormone that sweeps the sugar out of the blood and into our fat cells. Reduce any of this, at any point, and we lose the fat on our body. Because insulin is the hormone that keeps the fat locked away.

Then we eat more to fuel the activities of our body, since our body isn't letting us use the fat we have stored for fuel. Insulin's too high.

I'm so exhausted, we cry, as we keep topping off our tanks with "energy food;" high carbohydrates and low fat. Why doesn't it work? Because it's not energy food if we can't burn it. On the Industrial Diet of lots of processed carbohydrate food, we take in far more carbohydrates than we can possibly burn.

Other foods burn differently. Fat is a macro-nutrient that does not raise blood sugar; and is very satiating. This is the nutrient that will heal our broken, overweight, metabolism.

When I started eating less carbohydrate and more fat, there were hours at a stretch where I wasn't hungry. At all. And when I did eat, I was satisfied. I found the food to be delicious.

This is a way of eating I can manage indefinitely.

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