April 22, 2013

About hunger

I'm experimenting with One Meal a Day. I've been doing it for about a month now. It's surprisingly easy. That is because I've been low carbing for a long enough time to tune up my fat burning machinery.

Getting our body to burn fat is easier.
Our bodies have two pathways to getting energy from what we eat.

There's the one which burns Sugar.

There's the one which burns Fat.

Protein is not really a variable in this process. It is one of those nutrients that is highly versatile. Some of it gets used up as muscle, and organ, rebuilding. Some of it gets turns into glucose, as needed, a process known as glycogenesis.

Studies have shown that people tend to eat the protein they need. So I don't consider it a working variable.

That leaves fat and carbohydrate as the two levers to push and pull. And, let me tell you, they are powerful levers to push and pull.

  • Fat vs. carbohydrate is what determines our weight
  • Fat vs. carbohydrate is what determines our health
  • Fat vs. carbohydrate is what determines our metabolism path

When we burn FAT, we are in a situation where carbs are scarce. We do not put fat on our bodies. We burn fat, instead. Because it is an abundant fuel, and because it is our bodies' favorite fuel. Ketones are preferred by the brain, and the heart.

When I skip breakfast, it's because I'm not hungry. When I skip lunch, it's because I am signaling my body to run off my fat.

When I don't skip dinner... it's because I'm hungry enough to eat a big meal. A meal that is about addressing my needs, not responding to the urges of my carb addiction.

I have discovered that I don't have to panic when I feel hungry. I can have a spoonful of coconut oil and see if that satisfied my body. If it does... I wasn't really hungry.

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