May 21, 2013

The wrong fuel

We have almost fifty years of research telling us that animal fat will kill us and whole grains are the path to health. Why, then, have we spent the last fifty years getting fatter and sicker?

We are told what food is
Because it has all been based on humans eating an Industrial Diet. This is like a big distorting lens placed over everything we see.

If we take it as a given that we have to eat grains, we have completely left out the possibilities that might happen if we don't eat any grain at all.

If we are sitting on the beach, but eating sand, it really doesn't help us to know what kind of sand does the least damage to our teeth and stomach, does it?

We need to know that we should not eat sand.

Likewise, it doesn't help to know that whole grains have more vitamins than bleached and processed grains... if meat has more vitamins. If meat has more protein. If meat is actually better for us.

Imagine that cars started having to run on different fuel than we have now. It's not as filtered, it's not as concentrated, it's not an optimum fuel. But this is what we have available.

We would take that as a given. We would work around it.

We would put extra filters in the cars, to take the gunk out of this fuel, and we would get used to changing them every few months. We would let the car "warm up" for a longer time. The fuel would not be as powerful, so our tires would be lighter and wear out sooner. We would replace the fuel injectors at so many thousands of miles, because "that's what you do."

Because everyone's car was like this... because that was the only fuel we were told was the right one to put in our car...because every mechanic would truthfully tell us this is how it works... we would keep patching and replacing and putting up with it. Even when our cars wouldn't last more than a few years.

Because we wouldn't know any better.

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